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   "My aim is to make things as simple as possible, but not simpler than that."  - Albert Einstein -


I handle all the ABCs of writing.


Articles & Ads

Blogs & Books

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It does not matter the size, style, or scope of your project, I can write your solution. 

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I am not a one-trick pony. I take any opportunity I am given to write. Genre, subject, length, or medium make no difference to my commitment to and love for the work. No project is too small and no story too dull. I find the meaning in what I am writing about and am always thrilled to share it with others.


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Got a big job that you don't know how to start, or one that you've started but are struggling to manage?

I am the calm and clarity you are seeking. I will analyze your project, determine a deadline, and develop measurable milestones we can work on together to achieve your goals on your timeline.


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Book and Coffee


Racquel Foran has been a freelance writer for 15 years. She is a multi-purpose wordsmith who relies on her diverse work experience and entrepreneurial spirit to help small businesses and individuals share their messages authentically. 


Never one to sit comfortably in a niche, Racquel has tackled everything from simple marketing campaigns and small business websites to non-fiction books and deep dive RFP responses. One of her greatest achievements was to launch Canada's first and only print magazines dedicated to dancers ages 8 to 18, just dance! magazine.

Deadline-driven and goal-oriented, Racquel uses these traits to her clients' advantage by never missing a deadline and always striving to reach their objectives and targets. 

She strongly believes words matter. They can do harm and entice, alienate and engage, and discourage and motivate. Her life philosophy and writing approach are to always entice, engage, and motivate.   

She is passionate about sharing information and stories and is always keen to help others share what they know, tell their story, and promote their service, product, or brand.  

"For an" ABC solution to your writing needs, contact Racquel Foran.




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“Good work, Racquel. You have exceeded my expectations by effectively capturing my client's voice and energy. That was VERY important, and you have succeeded brilliantly.”

Aurora Winter

MBA, Trainer, Author

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